So your client wants to sleep with you- a consultant’s dilemma

by admin on March 25, 2012

…is that a bad thing?  Well, getting all professional and uppity, I guess that yes, it probably is a bad thing and although we do suggest some strange practices on “” you probably shouldn’t try and win work via your undoubted excellent bedroom talents.  Too complicated.

However, extending the analogy, developing your clients as “bolleveninde” which is Danish for “f*** buddy” or, to quote family friendly Hollywood – “friends with benefits”; is not necessarily a bad thing.

You get on well and you complete projects to the satisfaction of both parties, you’re not needy and you don’t get upset if you don’t hear from them for a few weeks or months.  When they do call, you are pleased to hear from them, you instinctively want to do your best and you may even postpone other things to meet their schedule.  You know there will be a sale here and you price accordingly, to deliver value but not exploit the relationship.

If there are issues in a project, you talk honestly and openly because both of you value the relationship and are keen to work to make it a success.  Once the project is consummated you talk honestly about the experience (perhaps while sharing a smoke and listening to some jazz) and identify ways to do it better next time….

….and as long as you don’t actually try and have sex with them, there will be a next time.

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