What is the best marketing tool?

by admin on October 17, 2009

The CEO crapped himself as the agency team unveiled the new strapline

I know that sales people see marketeers as floppy-haired tossers, more interested in their clothes and teeth than selling, but even the most cynical salesperson would, on a good day have to say that when you’ve got a marketing director who’s conneceted to her front-line sales people, it’s bloody marvellous. So the question is valid. What’s your best marketing tool?Is it e-mail campaigns, is it free pens, or mouse mats? Is it talking at conferences, Schmoozing? Is it direct mail or is it cold calling to sell meetings and then snazzy presentations? Is it fancy brochures or interactive CDs? Or is it simply doing really, really good work?Do you measure where your leads come from? We all need leads (we call it farming in here. Whatever it’s called it’s all about “sowing the seeds” of the future income.) and the ideas above are all valid and may all have a place in your armoury of weapons against the apathetic or un-enlightened client. However, you make life so much easier on yourself and add tremendous value to your business if your largest source of leads is “previous work”.

So, assuming that you do great work we can get started on growing your business.

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